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Will cuba ever have a revolution?


In the country of Cuba the rate of disease and infection is at very high intermediate levels, the diseases that are spreading are very severe and can cause many deaths in society. The main food or waterborne diseases are hepatitis A and bacterial diarrhea. There are also vectorborne diseases like dengue fever. These diseases can be very harmful to the citizens of Cuba and i think that they should go on strike against the government and stage a revolution to get themselves the right medical care and to decrease the rate of disease

Cubans are being deprived their basic needs in life. In Cuba everything is regulated by the government and although the unemployment rate is low people are not making very much money in their jobs. Cuba cant trade with the USA and are having troubles providing the needs for their citizens of their country. If you go to many stores in Cuba you will find empty shelves and regulations on the amount of food you are allowed to buy because it is needed for the well being of others. And i think that the people deserve better because they work hard everyday for a well earned pay but they aren't getting the amount that deserve. Even with the money they get they arent able to buy the things they need.

Communication for change

I think that to express the need for revolution to people of Cuba the revolutionaries should cause some sort of riot to attract the attention of them. This riot would involve protests and marches etc.. to get the attention of the public and to get them on board with the revolution, also to start to get the attention of the government. But the people holding the riots would have to keep them under control and make sure that nothing happened to harm anyone

To gain the support of the population the revolutionaries would have to slowly introduce the idea of it to the public. Some ways to do that may be to first get the attention of the news and get it on TV for everyone to see, also to possibly set an emailing list and get lots of people on it.

tactics used in the revolution

The change that would occur as a result of the revolution would be found in non violent means. It would be resolved in a way on paper the public and the government would be making a deal stating that they will now get payed fair wages, and also that they will get more fair and full medical coverage.

The deal occurring would not be supervised and neither sides would have support of military forces. The actions that would be undertaken in the revolution to solve the problems the country is having would be the signing of the agreement.

life following the revolution

Life following the revolution would change for the better people would now be able to afford food for themselves and their family. Also if they had better medical care it could decrease the spread of disease. Then life would be better for all in cuba.