The Problems They Face



When land that was once covered with plants and trees suddenly loses its fertility and no longer has the abundance in plants and trees as it once did, we call it desertification. Mainly, it's the Savannah region that experiences desertification. Desertification occurs when an area has little to no precipitation.
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Overpopulation is caused by the decline in infant and child mortality rates and a high fertility rate. It is a problem in every nation in Africa other than South Africa. Women are having 5-6 children in their lifetime.
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The National Party was an all white government. They enforced racial segregation in South Africa.


Genocide is a mass killing. It was a problem in Rwanda because the Hutu and Tutsi had an ongoing conflict since the Rwandan Civil War.
Rwanda Genocide documentary

Civil Wars

The civil wars are because of high levels of poverty, failed political institutions, and economic dependence on natural resources. It's a problem everywhere in Africa.

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There are many diseases in Africa, but little to none can be cured. Africa doesn't have the supplies or the money to be able to help everyone battling the life-threatening diseases. The diseases in Africa are spread out over the entire continent.
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How a lack of education relates to the problems listed above?

The lack of education will affect every decision you make. You might not have the ability to think ahead, meaning you can't think of the consequences for the actions you take. Africans don't have the schooling they need to know how to handle every situation that's thrown at them. Some Africans don't have the peacekeeping skills needed to keep the wars and what not out of their home.


Rites of Passage

A rite of passage is a ceremony for the transition from one phase of life to another. Some examples include:

  • Rite of Birth
  • Rite of Adulthood
  • Rite of Marriage
  • RIte of Eldership
  • Rite of Ancestorship

African Rites of Passage for Boys


Swahili is a Bantu language. It's mainly used in Southeast Africa.
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Polygamy is when a man has more than one wife. It is practiced in northern Africa
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Bantu is a major branch of the Niger-Congo language. It is used in most of Africa.

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