CTS Snapshot


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Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers the launch of #AmbitionForAll. Throughout February we will be highlighting the achievements of our students. We will also have exciting events going on in school. We will keep you up to date with these events through the Snapshot, the school website and Twitter.


Below are pictures and details of some of the exciting events that have taken place this week.

Lesson Stars:

The following students have been nominated this week #AmbitionForAll:

Jacob - 7CO

Mollie - 7CA

Maahi - 11S

Alexandra - 11T

Abigail - 9C

Andrew - 7CO

Anya - 7TE

Bethany - 9C

Cameron - 7ST

Matus - 11T

Martyna - 10C

Logan - 11C

Lexi - 7CO

Kellie - 10C

Debony - 9C

Dominika - 9S

Eoin - 8T

Stars of the Week:

  • Miss Tween has nominated Jack 9S and Oliver 9T for a brilliant assessment in English.
  • Mrs Morgan has nominated Alexandra 11T for completing the first part of her art coursework beautifully.
  • Mr Godfrey has nominated Chloe 11C for a great attitude in Science. Also nominated is Andrew 7CO for going far beyond expectations when completing work.
  • Mr Godfrey has nominated Taylor 11T for her hard work which resulted in significantly improving her score in a test on radioactivity in Science.
  • Mrs Smith has nominated Jordan 11C, Emily 10C and Tamsyn 8S for their support with the student panel this week.
  • Mr Cox would like to thank the cast and crew of Oliver for their fantastic work in the build up to and during the performance, you were all amazing!
  • Mr Cox has also nominated Year 10 Biologists for great work creating revision worksheets for each other to try in lessons.
  • Mr Gourlay has nominated Darci 8S for fantastic programming skills during the Robotics Challenge. Also nominated is Kai 11S for amazing mock exam results in Computer Science.
  • Miss Longhurst has nominated Lucas 8C for great contribution to lesson in History and James 11S for great improvements.

  • Miss Benson has nominated Ethan 10T for his hard work in Geography.
  • Mr Chatfield has nominated Emily 8T for outstanding commitment to Sport.
  • Miss Connellan - Would like to say well done to all Year 7 and 8 for their wonderful Shakespeare work. Also to her Year 9 English students for their creativity this week.
  • Mr Horne - A-Jay 9T for great work on graphs during Maths. Also Nive 7TA for constructing good triangles.
  • Miss Kidner has nominated the student librarians for a great start in helping out in the library this week.
  • Miss Fenner has nominated Matus and Keali 11T and Bailey 10S for great application of knowledge

  • Miss Watt has nominated Denisa 7TA and Reese 7CA for a perfect scores in their German assessments.

Celebration of Student Work:

Attendance Matters

Every single day a student is absent from school equates to a day lost of learning. At Corby Technical School we pride ourselves in maintaining excellent attendance. Our target is to achieve and maintain a whole school attendance of above 96.5%. We will be giving you weekly updates on our whole school attendance, the tutor group and house who achieved the highest attendance this week.


  • School will close on Friday 2nd March for the two week break. A letter outlining revision sessions for Year 11 will be sent on early next week.