Resources for Elementary Teachers

Smore Demo

Stop Motion Animator

Stop motion claymation is a program that could be used by kids for a project. I would make a video of a claymation to represent the water cycle and then let them pick a topic and represent it through the clayanimator site.


TimeToast is a way to create timelines online which would be great to use during the history portion of class to show kids the order in which major events happened. This would be a great tool to help kids learn or even assess their knowledge. Give them a blank timeline and pieces of paper containing events in history and let them glue them in order of which they happened.


This would be a great way to introduce the kids to technology and be a source to record reflections. A huge benefit would be that a child could access the website at home and do the reflection as well as access it at school to do more reflections or edit past ones. This also allows you, as the teacher, access their reflections.


A place to publish kids stories, creative writing, essays, etc. This would be a great resource for elementary classes because it would allow for easy access. Kids love to show people their stories and their creations and this would be awesome for relatives in other states or parents that are deployed or whatever be able to easily access the child in their lives work and be able to participate in their lives.


This would be fun for kids who love comics. Through this website the kids get to create their own comic strips that could depict anything relevant to what they are learning or just a fun way to introduce them to technology.


An online way to make movies, cards, posters, etc. Would be great to use in various subjects or for holiday use.


A good way to compare two things to better understand. You could compare the North and South in a social studies unit or books in a literature unit.


An website full of puzzles, games, and brain teasers. Would be a fun way for kids that finish early to stay busy and be learning at the same time.

Purpose Games

A cool tool for kids to create their own games. This would be a good way to assess a childs knowledge of learned content.


A way to upload photos. Would be a great way to keep parents and relatives involved in whats happening within the classroom.