Digital Citizenship

How to responsibly use intellectual property and copyright

Why is Digital Citizenship Important?

For thousands of years, people have created content for various reasons. Whether it be for entertainment, education, or propaganda, their works deserve to be protected. Once an idea takes form, copyright laws ensure that the creator can use their creation in the way they choose. Whether they decide to let others use it for free, or to profit off their works is up to them, and the laws protect that right through what is known as copyright.

What do these words mean?

Not Sure If You Can Use Something?

If you have your doubts and can't find any Copyright information, it is best to not use it. Although you will get away with it sometimes, it is a risk that is best to not take. You could end up with a cease and desist letter, or find yourself in court! Make sure to give credit where you can, it is important to cover yourself should any issue arise. See the resources below for a link to the creative commons, a website that specializes in providing content to be used by all!

Poster By:

Andrew Rosen

EDUC 422