Battle of Yorktown

By: Jeremy Andera

WHO were the Generals in the Battle of Yorktown?

The British troops were led by General Lord Charles Cornwallis and he led about 9,000

British troops to battle. The Continetal Army was led by General George Washington and the French troops were led by General comte de Grasse together they led 16,000 troops.

WHEN did the War start and end?

The War started on September 28, 1781 and ended on October 19, 1781 due to the loss of British soldiers and supplies.

WHERE was the battle of Yorktown fought at?

The Battle of Yorktown took place in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.
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Why the Battle of Yorktown was fought?

The reason why the battle was fought was because both of sides needed a win to end the Revolutionary War.

WHAT happened during the Battle of Yorktown?

Cornwallis retreated to his built fortification for defense, he then waited for reinforcements. But General George Washington was confident of a Continental Victory. Recently a French Fleet under command by Comte de Grasse had arrived with supplies, weapons, and soldiers. This allied force had harried Cornwallis's army on there way to Yorktown. Now it was time for the decisive battle to begin.

Battle of Yorktown, While American and French troops approached on land Comte de Grasse sealed of Yorktown's harbor to prevent any British reinforcements. Washington's men advanced into the outer ring's of the defense, which British hastily abandoned. On October 16, Cornwallis attempted to escape across the York River, but a fierce storm struck forcing them back. American and French troops outnumbered the British troops to 9,000 to 16,000.

Other interesting Facts

  • Cannons were fired so much in this war that the cannons started to melt
  • The French and Americans arrived at Yorktown and started a siege on the British Forces
  • During the war British were waving a white flag to discuss terms of surrender
  • 7,000 British troops were taken prisoners after they signed the surrender form
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Jeremy Andera