Bastard Out of Carolina

By Dorothy Allison


The biggest conflict in this story is between the main character and her feelings that came after the actions she had been caught doing. Thinking she wouldn't get caught because her friends had done it before and always got away with it, she decided to go along with it and steal some candy. She had stolen three pieces of candy, two for herself, one for her friend. The next conversation she had with her mom, her mom had mentioned to never steal. She then began to cry knowing her mom had caught her stealing this candy. Her mother then made her go back to the store she had stolen from and tell the manager that she had stolen and pay for the candy. The girl had been asked not to come back to the store again, and had to deal with the angry, guilty, and sad feelings she had to deal with after she had returned home.

Plot Line

Exposition: The story begins with the mother telling the daughter to never let herself get caught stealing, and that if the item is worth it, the mother would happily buy it for her daughter.

Rising Action: As the daughter starts to hang out with her cousins who lie and steal, she finds her self doing it to and has to think of ways to hide it from her mother and not get caught.

Climax: The young girl gets caught after stealing multiple pieces of candy by her mother. The mother has her daughter go to the store she had stolen from, and tell the store what she had done and pay for the stolen candy.

Falling Action: The young girls mood changes. It goes from feeling very guilty and sad about stealing the candy, to very angry with the store manager about yelling at her and being so mad at her and not just making her pay and forgiving her

Resolution: The story ends with the young girl being asked to not come back to the store for a long time, and the young girl having to deal with the felling of guilt, anger, and regret every time she sees the store and remembers what she had done.


A big literally devise the author used in this short story is foreshadowing. I say this because in the first paragraph of this story, the mother tells her daughter never to let her catch her daughter stealing anything. After that, the daughter remembers what the mother had said, and continued to go and steal candy with her cousins. The author and chose to have the mother say this to her daughter to give the reader a hint that the daughter was going to get caught stealing.

Think before you act

A major theme in this story that the author gave to the reader was to think before you act. The author really showed the reader that ones actions can really impact how they will feel and think about things after. After the young girl stole the candy and went to the store with her mom and had to deal with the store manager, she young girl had to deal with the feelings she had after every time she passed the store and thought about what she had done. Ones actions can really impact how they feel about certain things after, and the young girls action really did impact how she thought and felt after.