Information and interesting facts about numbers

What is the number?

NUMBER - abstract concept, one of the most commonly used in mathematics. Originally numbers were used to compare the size of sets of objects (natural numbers), then the size of the continuous (weights and measures), currently in mathematics are considered abstract creations, apart from possible physical applications. But there are ALSO other numbers.

Lucky and unlucky numbers!

Lucky and unlucky numbers: Japanese AVOID numbers 4 and 9 because the word shi can also mean death, and the word KU can stand for suffering, pain. Thus, for example, people are reluctant to take photos in a groups of four PEOPLE. IT is vain to look for room number 4 and 9 In hospitals and hotels. However, The numbers 3,5 and 7 are promise of happiness; moreover, 15th of November is celebrated as Day of Happiness: Family of three- and seven-year old girls, or five-year old boys go to the temples that day to pray for the health of their children.

The meaning of the numbers:

Number seven is of happy and magical nature. Even today, some believe in lucky seven.

Number nine was considered a lucky number, which multiplied continues to repeat itself.

Number thirteen symbolizes disaster, betrayal, and often is considered as an unlucky number and ominous; however it is regarded as the sacred number.


Numerology – forecasting based on the numbers, based on the belief that the number assigned to a given object (house number, car, phone numbers encoded in the form of name, etc.) has to do with its fate. Numerology is considered by scientists as pseudoscience that has no rational or experimental basis.

Some people...

Some people still believe in the magic numbers, and there are others who do not. We have no influence on the views of other people so Respect them as they are.

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