The Red Umbrella

Author Christina Diaz Gonzalez Poster By Stevie Braverman

Book Summary

Author Christina Diaz Gonzalez wrote The Red Umbrella set in Cuba. As Lucia’s life in Cuba begins to change, she is forced to go and live in America with her brother Frankie, with a family that they have never met before.
Two years into the communist revolution Lucia, and her brother, Frankie are forced to leave their home in Cuba and are shipped off to America. Her small life in Nebraska is lonely until she goes to school. At school she begins to realize how much she misses her parents at her home in Cuba and how much she wants to go back to her old life. The only problem is, she can’t go back to her old life. Soldiers fill the street, and kids her are sent away to study life as a soldier.

What are the qualities of a good leader? the definition of strong is physically strong said as muscular, solid and powerful. The author Christina expressed through her main character Lucy that time in history can be tough but that in the end it would be O.K. Lucy and her brother are sent away to live with a new family in america. "I walk up the stairs numb. Lucy! he called out your only allowed to take one bag, and a box of cigars that you can sell once you get there, so pack a little of everything but nothing of value the solders will steal it if they think its worth something. Papa placed his arm around Mama. And Mi Higa, thank you for not making this any harder." Lucy is strong because she has to take care of her brother in America but has to put on a happy face no matter how sad she is about losing her parents and living in America. Lucy's strength was a great example that enabled her to succeed at the problem at hand.

Turning Points

I chose to include this airplane because when the main character Lucy is on her way to America she has to take a plane and usually on the Cuban plans they have palm trees on it because of the beautiful palm trees there on the beaches.

This telephone is a great example about what a telephone looked like in america in 1961 and Lucy used to call her mom and dad on this type of phone almost every other month.

I decided to add in this book because in the book The Red Umbrella Lucy goes to school for the first time. She is very scared to go to school because she doesn't know what its like. Also because back then most people went to school but their schools weren't nearly as nice as the schools that we have now. THey also wouldn't get to learn everything that we learn such as woodshop and art , they might not have that at their schools.

Spotlight on History

Spotlight On History
Page Number: 2
Lucy is sitting on the beach and she sees the soldiers coming down the road. I chose this because teenagers have to go into the war and learn how to become a soldier.

Page number: 25
It explains that Lucy’s friends dad was arrested because he was against the revolution. This is important for the time because it shows that they didn’t have very much freedom because if you were against the revolution they would arrest you just for that. But now you can say whatever you want against the government.

Page number:
Lucy was walking and saw a doctor that was hung because he was against the revolution but now a days that doesn’t happen. And just because he was against the revolution he gets hung and now you are free to have your own opinion. Back then You didn’t have as much freedom.