Formative assessment

What is Plickers?

  • Plickers is a FREE app.
  • Only the teacher needs to download it. You only need one device. This can be your cell phone, iPad, or tablet.

The basics...
  • Each student gets a Plickers card. This looks similar to a QR code.
  • The teacher creates assessment questions on the plickers website, displays them on the board, and uses the app to scan student responses.

Plickers Cards

  • Go to to create a teacher account.
  • Each card is labeled with a specific number and this number will correlate to a specific student.
    • You can easily use the same card with multiple classes if you are not self-contained. You will just need to create different classes on the Plickers website.
  • Plickers cards are available on the website to print for free.

Plickers Card Tricks and Tips

  • Glue it in the students notebook for easy access
  • Have a set ran on WHITE cardstock (do not laminate) with letters on the back
    -Kinder and 1st could have pictures or colors on the back
  • Matte laminated cards are available at Amazon
  • Use clothespins to make sure the answer "touches the ceiling"

You should create a fun assessment to make sure student know how to answer questions using the Plickers card.

Creating questions

  • There are two options that you can do for the questions and answers. It can either be a true/false question or a multiple-choice question.
  • On the Plickers website, you can easily type in the questions and answers ahead of time.
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Library for Questions

As you can see at the top of those questions there is a "my library" tab as well as a "Addition and Subtracton" tab and "Decimals" tab. On the website you can create folders in your library of your stored questions. That way, you don't have to reinvent the wheel year after year. You can also add folders inside of folders.

You can also add questions from your mobile device! This is slick to do at home while you are sitting on the couch and being super productive.

You can even add pictures

You can also add images instead of typing the questions!!!

You could take screenshots of task cards or concepts that you can't put into words (like acute vs obtuse angles). Then, just upload the screenshot as a question and select the correct answer. If the image already has multiple choices (ABCD or T/F) just select the correct answer and move on. Or, you can always type in answers too!

Adding Questions to Queue

Once you have created your questions you will need to assign them to your class to be available.
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Plickers in Action

When you are first starting to use Plickers, I suggest having some fun and easy questions. That way the kiddos get the hang of it.


The teacher will display the questions whole screen by "entering live mode" on a computer that displays (either to a projector or smart board). This way your students can all see the question.

The students will answer by holding their Plicker card with the answer pointing to the ceiling.

Then teacher will click the "scan" button on the app from your device. You will scan everyones cards. You only need to stand in one place to do this. I tell the students to pretend we are taking a picture and the card is your face. The teacher has to see it without fingers.

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As you are scanning, the app will flash their name in green if they are correct or red if they are incorrect.

The whole classroom display will show their names and it will put a check mark next to the student's name when they have been scanned (the class will not see correct/incorrect answers).
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The results will pop up after the question.
You can also show kids the results if you choose from the board.
If you want this data later, you can always print it from the website.
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Plickers is so cool!

You can use Plickers in so many different ways!

-Daily Exit Slips

-Test Review

-STAAR Practice


-Question of the Day