How To Survive A Zombie Apacolips

A 5 step plan to help you survive...

Step 1:It Has Just Begun

So let me guess, a zombie(bunch of zombies), just found you and you're needing to know how to survive. You will need:shelter, this can be found just about any where, a weapon, so you can fight off any zombies in the home, and food/water. This can be found in store's.

Step 2:Weapon's

You're going to need weapon's to survive this so if I were you, I would choose one of these-a spear(for long distance people), a knife(for short), NO FIRE, and many more. If I were you, I probably wouldn't chosse a gun because zombies are attracted to sound. But it's good to have them when there's ALOT.

Step 3:Surviving

In order to survive, you need gut's. Let's say you find your family member or your wife/husband as a zombie. What do you do? You kill them;it's hard I know. But if you don't take him/her out, they will attack. Tip:Most zombies sleep during the day.

Step 4:Repopulating

In order to get back what used to be life with HUMANS, you need to...18+ moment... repopulate. Let's just end it from there.

Step 5:Your Baby

So your wife/husband/friend/you have a baby. Well if it's you, then. . .your going to die. This is becuase you can't have a birth from your belly and live with no docter work. Unless one of your friends is a doctor and is alive AND has doctor work. Then you'll be fine. :)