Space Shuttle Missions!!

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Space missions

NASA tried to make a space craft the would be able to come from space to earth so they can reuse shuttles to preserve money so they can to more programs. NASA launched Columbia into space. They went up for a few days and came down. It was a complete success. Columbia laned and the astronauts got out unharmed


NASA made more Shuttles were made, Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantic. Atlantis Went around the earth 4,848 times, and went on 33 missions. They all made it to space and came back unharmed, But on challengers 10th launch a teacher was chosen to go on the shuttle with them into and out of space. When the launched 72 seconds in the air, Challenger Exploded. Crew and the teacher died on explosion. When they launched discovery, it went into space, But when they came back in the atmosphere it disintegrated. NASA canceled the program on March, 9, 2011

The Reason

In rocket engines the is a rubber ring that separates the fuel cells and the engine. Before Every Launch NASA Freezes the Launch Pad so the flames from the engine don't burn the engine. The rubber rings may fail below 52 degrees NASA decided to put at 32 degrees, so during flight the rings cracked and let fuel into the engine improperly and shuttle exploded.

More Explaining

The way the rocket engines work is that there are tubes that run hidden behind the engines that have liquid Hydrogen and liquid Oxygen mix together and explode making thrust, of course them tamed the explosion to go in one direction.


There had to be a way for the Shuttle to get to the launch pad, they used Space Shuttle Crawlers, Because they carried the shuttle to the launch pad, and really not because it basically was the launch pad. They could not risk the shuttle falling over on the ground. The Crawler was about the size of a baseball field, and weigh about 6 million pounds!! It is 40 meters wide and 35 meters long, and drove 2526 total miles at under 1 miles per hour!! (just a bit more). The Challenger Went on 10 missions, Columbia 28 missions, Atlantis 33 missions, Discovery 39 missions.


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