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What does the Yarrow look like?

The Yarrow looks like ...

  • A mixer you use when you are cooking.
  • The Yarrow is rounded and clustered near the top of the stem.
  • It is 1-4 feet tall.
  • The leaves are shaped like a compound fern- like leaf.
  • The type of flower like is daisy-like.

When and where does it bloom?

  • It blooms through June-November.
  • It blooms in fields, waste places, prairies.
  • It lives in the Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and Southeast.

WOW Facts!

Did you know...
  1. The Yarrow can help when you have a bloody nose.
  2. The Yarrow is also called Bloodwort, Milfoil, Stanchgrass, Nose bleed -plant.
  3. The Yarrow can also live in Canada, and is found South from Europe.

Color and Look-a-like!

The Yarrow can be any color like...

  1. white is common for a yarrow
  2. yellow
  3. red
  4. Sometimes blue

  1. daisy
  2. compound fern leaf
  3. little colorful buds

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