The Country of Spain

By Jada Alston

Welcome to Spain!

Welcome to Spain! You will learn about Spain's delicious eats, the flashy clothing, traditional weddings, and what to do when in rome...well...Spain.

Mmm... Good

A special thing about Spain is their delicious eats! They attract tourists, foodies, and people just looking for something new. Some of their food includes tortillas made of flour and corn. Tortillas are used to make tacos, burritos, wraps, crumb coverings, quesadillas, and much more! They are very special to the Spanish tradition because they are found at every occasion such as weddings, dances, birthday parties,and holiday feats. Recipes are also past down through years and years of generations.

Pictures of Spanish Food with Tortillas

We're Getting Married

I do!!!

Traditional Spanish wedding consist of giant dresses. Dresses are most likely to be died with a spiritual color such as red, blue, or gold. White dresses are also found, but in some Spanish religions, white is worn to funerals. This is because white is the color of remembrance and sympathy. There is also a platter of tortillas, and a huge cake that can feed over 1,000 people.

What to wear...

In Spain, you think about what you're going to wear. Outfits for birthdays, weddings, parties, and celebrations are planned weeks before the date. The Clothes are flashy, colorful, bright, and eye-catching! There are also traditional outfits, for example, on the day of her daughter's wedding, the mother will wear the same color of the bride to show she will always be there for her. The father will wear black to symbolize that he is willingly giving his daughter off to an approved husband.

What to do, what to do...

In Spain? Watch a bullfight, or walk around the shops and buy some authentic jewelry. Whatever you do, you'll have a blast taking-in the Spanish culture. While watching a bullfight, enjoy some traditional Spanish snacks like tortilla chips with salsa and some warm cheese sauce, and great spicy toppings.
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