30 Day Detox

January 6th-February 4th

Join us…and Give Yourself the Gift of Health!

he 30 Day Detox program will help you JUMPSTART your year. Join us and give yourself the gift of HEALTHY by DUMPING that feeling of the holiday hangover. Does increased energy, better digestion, clearer thinking and better sleep sound good? Shed some unwanted pounds? Feeling out of control with habits- Time to press the reset button! During this program we eliminate allergenic, addictive, and toxic foods to get our bodies back to a pure and balanced state. We enjoy nutrient dense foods in the proper proportions at the right times. This is an amazing process for uncovering food sensitivities and allowing your body to run at is optimal level.

This program also comes with detailed shopping lists, Facebook community page, recipes and cheat sheets for which foods to eliminate and replace. We will give you all materials by email to have for life and access to videos to learn how to make meals, shakes and more. There is a big community which you will be part of, too!


The program is considered a "cleanse" because we minimize toxins and potential allergens for 30 days, which allows the body to be cleansed of processed irritants. The program is considered a "detoxing" program because by minimizing ingredients that are difficult for our bodies to process, we allow the liver and kidneys to rest which increases function. It is consistent with a "hormonally balanced" eating plan because we eat in proportion (similar to ND Natasha Turner's philosophy in The Hormone Diet, described here. It is an "anti-inflammatory" diet because we remove inflammatory foods that cause the body to retain fluid, similar to Dr. Andrew Weil's, MD philosophy described here.

30 Day Detox Package Options

Most of us are too busy to make 3-4 well balanced meals per day, so we offer supplements as "easy buttons" to ensure that we are getting proper nutrients in proper proportions. These supplements are what make the program do-able for most of us and give us a greater chance of success.

Ultimate Value Pack

This is the whole shebang! If there is something in here that you don't need, we can sub it out for something else.

2 Protein (30 servings each- chocolate and/or vanilla)

1 Daily Fiber Boost

2 Balancing Energy Fizz Sticks (citrus and/or pomegranate)

2 Herbal Detox Tea

1 Digestion Plus Digestion Enzymes

1 7-Day Body Cleanse (FREE!)

Value: $359

Cost: $220 +tax/ship

46% OFF!

Basic Bundle

This is for those of you who want to run through the program, but aren't quite ready to commit to the full monte.

2 Protein

1 Daily Fiber Boost

1 Digestion Plus or 1 7-Day Cleanse (FREE)

Value: $215

Cost: $140

35% OFF!

Jessica Boatman

Independent Consultant

Arbonne International