Lightning can be a bit scary so stay as far away as you can from it! Lightning is an electrical charge from 2 particles of frozen raindrops rub against eachother above the clouds. This electrical charge can also be made underneath the clouds so the charge's from the cloud meet up together and create what we all know as LIGHTNING!!! Lightning is attached to the ground. During all this the smaller particles are positively charged, while the bigger ones fall closer to the ground where sme of the lightning is formed. Thunder is made by the lightning. This occurs when the lightning bolt goes to the ground creating a hole in the air. After the lightning stops we hear the sound as we also know as thunder. If you can hear thunder then you are within 16 kilometeres of a storm, so you could be in great danger of being hit. If you hear it then you should look for shelter. Stay indoors or hide in a car. ABSOULUTELY NO TENTS!!! If you are outside then crouch down low and dont stand near trees or electrical poles as lightning is attracted to other devices that require electricity. Dont touch metal objects like umbrellas or golf clubs as they can attract the electrical bolts. If your in a group then spread out. Do not huddle together as that will give you a better chance of getting hit by the lightning. Shut down all electrical appliances and after the storm has finished, wait half an hour before turning them back on.