The 3rd Tallest Building In Dubai!!

The 23 Marina

The 23 Marina

In 2005 the was suggested so construction started in 2006, was finished and opened in 2012. It has 89 floors above ground and 4 below ground which means that there are 291 units/rooms, it is also 395.00m tall. The 23 marina was built in Dubai UAE (United Arab Emirates).

People Who Built It

The companies involved are

Owner and developer: Hircon Internationals. Design architects: Hafeez contractor, KEO International Consultants. Associate architect: KEO International Consultants. Structural engineer: KEO International Consultants. MEEP engineer: KEO International Consultants. Main contractor: Dubai Civil Engineering, Mitsubishi Elevator and Escalator, RWDI (Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc.) and Row corning corporation.

What Was It Made Of.

The whole building is made out of glass, steel and concrete, for strength and for site seeing

Why They Built It

The 23 Marina was built to bring in more tourists so they would get more money and build more buildings and get more money for when the oil underneath them runs out and will have enough money from the tourisim to keep on building and won't become a poor country.

How much it costs.

The 23 Marina costed $298,300,000 to build and the money came from all the companies involved

Interesting Facts

It was the world's tallest all-residential building until the completion of Burj Khalifa and the princess tower was completed.

It has 62 elevators and 57 swimming pools.

Each duplex in this tower will be equipped with a private elevator and each duplex room will include an independent plunge pool.

The lobby at 23 Marina will include a 6-storey high entrance hall.

Pictures of the 23 Marina