Come to our land!! -Kylie K. and Olivia H.

Impossible Shontelle lyrics.


We have very good at farming because the land is very fertile. It is fertile because we live in-between two rivers, Euphrates and Tigris. We have plenty of food. We are surrounded by deserts and mudflats.


We believe in many different gods. The city-states we live in have a ziggurat where the gods live. Only our special priests are allowed. We have temples where we can worship the gods.


We have learned how to farm, create dams, and waterways. We learned how to raise farm animals to help us with farming and food. We trade a lot and we make jewelry and tools. We learned how to write using a clay tablet and a reed to write with. We make weapons out of iron. We have built libraries so people could learn about our history. We also built gardens.


We have kings in each of our city-states in Mesopotamia. We form alliances with other city-states. Our kings rule our lands. The sons of the kings became the kings. Also known as monocharies.


We favor trade things for money and food.

Social Structure

We make villages that end up as cities. We have special jobs that each of us specialized in. Whatever our parents work for, we become that job. We had a temple and a palace in the middle of the cities. The women teach their daughters how to run the house. Men are the head of the house and they sent their sons to go to school to have a special job. The law requires our parents to care for us, but when we grow older, we are to care for our parents if needed.

Extras- Class Structures

We are put into classes, or social structures, based on where we live. There are several sections where different classes live. The lowest class are the slaves and farmers. The middle class have merchants, artisans, and many others. The highest class includes the priests and the people who work for the king.