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Approving peak is happening

What's next for me?

EP Recruitment Major Peak has already ended on 16 May. We are grateful to see the synergy happening across all LCs between Marketing and oGCP. The persistence and belief to make it happen throughout months have never been easy for us. Now it is time for follow up and engagement.

Lets review how many experiences we could deliver based on the #open that we have

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LC Focus

Focus 1: LC Strategy to ensure Open to Apply conversion.

Focus 2: LC Strategy to ensure Apply to Approve conversion.

LC Game Changer

So you realized there is actually huge gap between current conversion and the ideal conversion rate, hence we shall review what kind of innovation shall be implemented to create some game changer strategies for this.

–Analyse: Understand what is the challenge

–Brainstorm: Propose solution and improvement from your team

–Execute: Act upon the solution

–Evaluate: Evaluate if the solution has addressed the challenge by checking on its conversion

–Improve: Improve from the acted solution

MC Strategy to improve Open to Apply conversion

E-mail constant engagement for lead nurturing process

  • Extraction of the ‘Open’ database across entire AIESEC in Malaysia to send them e-mail to develop relationship, provide information that the lead needs in order make a decision for GCP.

Engagement ‘What and How’

  • We would develop guideline for LCs on ‘How’ to develop relationship with leads by listening to their needs, provide information and answer that they need.
  • It can be applicable through different channel: Call, whatsapp,e-mail or physical meet up for Open – Apply engagement

How to facilitate EP faster decision in project selection

  • A booklet/video/webinar for LCs to send to all EPs so that they can have a guideline of how to make a better decision to fasten the approving process.

MC Strategy to improve Apply to Approve conversion.

Matching Mania

  • From the IR Feedback form from LCs, we will host matching mania based on which country does EP applies the most the past week.
  • This is opened for all Podio, Open and Applicant to attend.

International Relation weekly updates

  • The IR Team will keep frequent communication with the other countries to provide you updates every week so that we are aware what’s happening from iGCDP ends.

Why 14 days for approving?

Nationally the matching deadline for us is 31st of May but Why?

  • Most of the iGCDP entities are aiming to finish their iGCDP approving process by 31st May, if our EPs do not match by the deadline, we shall not guarantee that in the month of June there will still be a lot of projects to apply.
  • EP requires at least 1-2 months to make pre departure preparation – VISA, air ticket, insurance
  • June will be examination period for EPs – They will have no capacity to deal with pre departure preparation.
  • Most of the OPS are happening end of May

What needs to happen this week?

  • Communicating to entire EPM team about the matching deadline and derive strategy as a team.
  • Communicating to all EPs about the matching deadline so that all parties can strive towards that together.

The stories that have been created because we fight for what we believe

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