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To contact talk or e-mail me at hmvolleyball1@aol.com

Colorful Ladder Bracelet

Colorful Ladder bracelet

This bracelet looks a lot like a ladder and it can be colorful. You can choose any color and rainbow as well.

Price is $1.50

There's a sample picture of the bracelet below.

Inverted fishtail

Inverted fishtail

The inverted fishtail is a neat twist on just your average fishtail. You can choose to have it be multiple colors or any other color/colors that you want.

Small 5 1/2 inches= Price: $1.00

Medium 6 inches= Price: $1.25

Large 7 inches= Price: $1.50

Sample picture is below.

Dragon Scale

Dragon Scale

The dragon scale is very stretchy. It can be any color/colors.

Small 5 inches= Price: $1.00

Medium 6 inches = Price: $1.25

Large 7 inches= Price: $1. 50

There's a sample picture below.

Star Burst

Star Burst

The star burst bracelet is very fashionable.

In the e-mail please include:

the color of the bracelet border

the color of the flowers on the inside

Price: $2.00

There's a sample picture below.

Rain-drip-drop Bracelet

Rain-drip-drop Bracelet

The rain-drip-drop bracelet is lightweight and stretchy.

Price: $1.75

There is a sample picture below.

How to contact


One way is to simply contact me at school by talking to me, or you can e-mail me at hmvolleyball1@aol.com

In the e-mail please include the following:

the size of your wrist (an exact measurement please)

the cost of your bracelet will depend on the size that you give me for certain bracelets

the colors that you want (please be specific)

I will be in contact when your bracelet is ready.

Bracelets will only be delivered when pay is given.

Thank you for your purchase!!!!!! :)