BTT Activities

ALT Retreat _ Wilson

Level 1 Remembering

Recognizing, Listing, Describing, Identifying, Retrieving, Naming....

Study Blue

Create a word wall - vocabulary list- with definitions. Allows students to take their "flash cards", either self-created or teacher-created, with them on any smart device.

Level 2 Understanding

Interpreting, Summarizing, Inferring, Comparing, Blog Journaling, Twittering, ....

Kerpoof Studio

Summarize a story by creating a Movie with Kerpoof Studio

Level 3 Applying

Implementing, Carrying out, Using, Executing, Sharing


Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Collaboration are the 4 C's of 21st century skills. Engaged learning through a collaborative video project helps develop these core skills.

With WeVideo for Education, educators can assign projects to groups of students. Students can share video clips, music, photos, and more. They can collaborate and communicate with each other while creating video, at school, home, or wherever they have Internet access.

There is a cost for this program.

Level 4 Analysing

Comparing, Organizing, Deconstructing, Attributing, Outlining, Integrating...

Create A Graph

Level 5 Evaluating

Checking, Hypothesizing, Critiquing, Experimenting, Judging, Detecting, Blog, Collaborating


Welcome to PrimaryPad

PrimaryPad is a web-based word processor designed for schools that allows pupils and teachers to work together in real-time

Level 6 Creating

Designing, Constructing, Planning, Producing, Videocasting, Podcasting

Windows Movie Maker

Create movies of science projects, change of history, how-tos.....