Kristina's Journal


February 12, 2016

There is a quote in the novel "A long way Gone", and the authors father told him a quote he said "If you are alive, there is a better hope for a better day, and something good to happen", there is another quote to continue to add to that. It says" If there is nothing good left in the destiny of a person, he or she will die". Ishmael Beah's (author) remembered his father saying that when he was feeling like he was alone, and he was in trouble. My opinion on his fathers quote, is that when he is in trouble, he remembers the quote.

February 15. 2016- Write about how ishmael escaped death

Ishmael Beah escaped death many times, he was caught between a war in his village, he was captured by the enemies. This past chapter in the novel "A long was gone", it said that Ishmael was separated with with his brother and friends. They got separated when they were captured by enemies and the enemies had an attack by the other enemies. He ran as fast as he could, sadly his brother and his friends didn't catch up. But before they got separated, they were sneaking out past the rebels, and there was a boy who had many things in his arms, and he was used as a distraction because he didn't want to leave his things. so they left him there, and the rebels killed the boy, Ishmael and his brother and friends ran into the forest, they got separated by the rebels, they caught them and when they were running for their lives, somehow they got lost between the woods. Ishmael was looking very hard for his brother and friends. Sadly, he did not find them. Then Ishmael went to a village and was threatened, they though he was a rebel, and they asked him many questions, but they found out that he wasn't a rebel. So they gave him food and shelter. Ishmael Beah escaped daeth many times, maybe he would escape many more times.