Types of Sentences

Let's Punctuate!

Building Blocks of Sentences

Independent Clause - a group of words that contains a SUBJECT+ VERB and expresses a complete thought; also a SIMPLE SENTENCE

Dependent Clause - a group of words that contains a SUBJECT AND a VERB, but does not express a complete thought; the subject and verb don't go together, so it cannot stand as a complete sentence, making it a fragment

4 Types of Sentences - Learn these, and you will punctuate correctly!

1. Simple Sentence = One IC
  • IC.
2. Compound Sentence = 2 ICs placed together in a sentence to express an idea. 3 ways:
  • IC; IC.
  • IC; Conjunctive Adverb, IC.

3. Complex Sentence = One IC + one DC. 2 ways:

  • IC, DC.
  • DC, IC.
4. Compound-Complex Sentence = Two ICs and at least one DC. Many variations:
  • IC, DC, IC.
  • IC; IC, DC.
  • IC; Conjunctive Adverb, IC, DC.
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