November North Quad Update

Coming soon: Thanksgiving Break!

Save these dates...

  • Nov. 1: RA Applications due
  • Nov. 1: Thanksgiving Closing Meeting should be planned, publicity should be going up
  • Nov. 8: Priority deadline for Break RA Applications
  • Nov. 11-20: Evaluations given to RAs by HRs during 1-1 meetings
  • Nov. 15: All Thanksgiving Closing Meetings should be complete
  • Nov. 18: Thanksgiving Break Housing Application due - must have a sponsor
  • Nov. 23: Halls close for Thanksgiving at 9am
  • Dec. 1: Halls re-open at 9am
  • Dec. 13: Fall semester classes end, quiet hours begin 11pm
  • Dec. 20: Last final exam
  • Dec. 21: Halls close for Winter Break at 9am
  • Jan. 16: RAs + HRs return by 4:30pm
  • Jan. 17: Winter Summit

Your October Program Evaluation should be completed with your HR by November 4.


Thank you for completing your self-evaluations on time!

WHAT'S NEXT: Your Head Resident will go over your evaluation during your individual meeting sometime November 11-20. Be prepared to constructively discuss your performance.

November Programming

You'll be planning a program this month!

  • Teardrop RAs will plan a Building Program
  • Sunset and Brownstone RAs will plan Cluster Programs

November's theme: Transition! Programming will seek to address post-college adjustments, both personally and professionally.

Programming examples: Résumé and cover letter writing and review, interview and job preparation, money management, insurance and retirement basics, being a good neighbor, basic cooking, grocery shopping, etiquette in the professional world, marriage and family planning, living in the diverse world, how Denison compares with the rest of the world (diversity, work ethic, community involvement), etc.

RA and HR of the Month

Does someone on our team deserve to be the Head Resident or Resident Assistant of the month? E-mail Cari with the details of their awesomeness!

Outstanding October Events:

Why it's okay to think things like "It's so fluffy I'm gonna DIE!"

The Science of Happiness - A Study of Cute Aggression