UFO sightings

By:Santiago Marino 1/8/16 Mrs.Wasser PD 1

How can i create a presentation that will make people believe in UFOs?

I chose this topic because UFO´s are a interesting topic.

When UFO´s started coming.

According to my research in July 7,1947 Roswell,New Mexico a UFO crashed and later on the military picked it up.When they were investigating it there was a piece from the UFO that you couldn´t break.So that part you couldn´t break was weird.Some UFO´s can have radiation and when the radiation hits you you can get cancer,And when aliens abduct you you start to have hallucination,vomiting,etc.

UFO pictures!

"We all know that UFO's are real.All we need to ask is where do they come from,and what do they want."Edgar mitchell

My opinion about UFO´s is that they are very interesting and they obviously want something from us they.Want to research us,and UFO´s are very scary to humans.

Are you scared of UFO´s?

UFO video!


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