The Amazing Stagecoach

From: Clifford and SaVannah

Stagecoach craftsman

Advantages and disadvantages of a stagecoach

ADVANTAGES: It made it easier to move your things and to travel. you could get places faster with a stagecoach than if you had to walk

DISADVANTAGES: If you did not have any horses you would be stuck with a heavy suitcase. If a wheal broke in the middle of no ware you would be walking to the nearest town

How the stagecoach was important to North Dakota

It made moving faster and easier for the people who wanted to move hear. it made transporting things from one end of the state faster and more efficient.

Who invented the stagecoach

The person who invented the stagecoach was John Darlwin. He invented it on September 21, 1763. It was used to transport goods and also passengers prior to trains and automobiles.

The history of stage coaches

In 1754, a Manchester-based company began a new service called the "Flying Coach". It was advertised with the following announcement - "However incredible it may appear, this coach will actually (barring accidents) arrive in London in four days and a half after leaving Manchester." A similar service was begun from Liverpool three years later, using coaches with steel spring suspension. This coach took an unprecedented three days to reach London with an average speed of eight miles per hour

What is a stagecoach

A large, closed horse-drawn vehicle formerly used to carry passengers and often mail along a regular route between two places.