Concept Paper

Recontextualizing Plato's Cave

Task One: Analysis of Student Movies

Analyze 3 different movies using the following questions as guides:

1. What key film techniques were used to shape an aesthetic?

2. Does the position made about education differ or support Plato's argument?

3. How does the sequencing in the narrative compare or differ with Plato's narrative (five scenes)?

Task Two: Outline

In order to prepare for your one page paper, answer the following questions:

1. What film technique do you want to use or focus on in your retelling of the story?

2. What theme or larger idea around education do you want to focus on in your narrative?

3. How does your theme or larger idea connect to the original story? I.e, how will your re-telling compare or differ from the original story?

See Examples of Concept Pitch:

Romeo and Juliet (copy and paste link).

Task Three:

Develop a Prezi or One Page Concept paper that pitches your idea for re-telling Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"

Within your presentation, please include the following:

1. Film Technique or Techniques you will be using.

2. A theme or larger idea related to education.

3. How your story differs from the original telling (and why should we care).

When finished, share your presentation in the discussion thread for Task Two.