Ella's Book About Soccer

by Ella Honeycutt

Chapter 1 Practice for Soccer

Do you know what you actully do in practice? Well you play mini soccer games called scremeges you also practice juggling with your feet. you can juggle on your knees and your head too. Juggling is were you bounce the ball up and down on your feet. If you don't know what foot you kick the best with then what ever foot feels more comfriteable to you! Most inportant do your best in practice. Show the coach's your best!

Chapter 2 Uniforms

Ever wondered what you actrully need to wear for soccer? well you need your team jersey black shorts, shin gards long socks, cleats (witch is soccer shoes) and a hair band if your a girl. If your in any club soccer like Indy permier or Hossier FC then your coach will send your parents a Email saying what uniform to wear. when your in rec soccer its just for fun. But all uniforms have your number on the back!

Chapter 3 Moves

Need to know skills to use in a games? Well lets start with a simple one like a pull back all you have to do is pull the ball with one foot behind you to change direction . Next is the rake all you do is pull it acrossed the ground with your foot on top of the ball! Now one that is really hard is the L move what you have to do id do a pull back and the foot that stayed on the ground kick it behind the foot that did the pull back! Thats it for this chapter!

Chapter 4 Rules

You have to follow rules in soccer to!

1. No triping !

2.No touching the ball with your hands unless your the goal keeper

3. No shuving

4. No playing on the ground

But evrey one does this a cuple of times. And a goal keeper is some one who can use their hands to touch the ball to keep it from the other teams point.

Chapter 5 famos players

Well here are some of the most famos soccer players ever

1. Alex Morgon

2. Abby wham back

3. Hope Solo

4. Meagen Rapinoe

5. Carli Lloyed


7. Julie jhonsten

I love Alex morgon!

These people are all really good soccer players I hope this book has helped you learn more about soccer than you used to! Till next time bye! :)

Amazing 8 year old soccer player! Charlie Bontis

Here is a kid who is awesome at soccer

Alex Morgan - Best Goals

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