Cavalier News

January 18th - January 23rd

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Welcome Back!

New Year brings a feeling of hope and a sense of renewal; we feel like we can accomplish our most important goals. On January 11th our Cavalier Team started off the year with a great conversation about teaching, learning, parent involvement, and school climate and culture. Thank you for participating in our pre-service. I also thank Dr. Janney for accepting the invitation to lead the conversation. I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did.

Our Cavalier students entered school on January 12th with smiles and renewed energy; we all hope and pray they want to finish the second semester strong.

Our orchestra Students Performed at California Adventures and they were outstanding. Thank you Dr. Bruderer for inviting me; I am so very proud of the work that you provide our community.

SBAC countdown: We are venturing off into the second semester and it will go by fast. We are 46 days away from conquering the SBAC. Congratulations to our teachers for your hard work; I will be asking PLCs to review pacing calendars and prioritize what to teach. Keep up the hard work in your teams and in your classrooms.

Faculty Meeting: We will have our next Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, January 27th. I had to move our Faculty Meeting one week because we will be having School Site council this Wednesday. Please plan accordingly and do not schedule practice or club events during this time. We will discuss Open House, Interim assessments, SBAC training, "Adopt a 67" plan, and 3-1 drill.


Week at a Glance

Monday, January 18th

  • Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, January 19th

  • School Registrations
  • Illuminate Training @ PDC (Deyo, Kracha, and Tina Tom)
  • VAPA Strategic Arts Planning Committee @ VAPA office (Ms. Gracias)
  • FAC Meeting @ 3:25 pm in room 108
  • 3rd session of Credit Recovery Begins: English in room 209; Math in R-2; Social Science in room 301; Science in room 303)

Wednesday, January 20th

  • Music Teachers PD- @ PDC
  • Fitnessgram Nuts and Bolts @ Research and Evaluation (Kracha)
  • SBAC Nuts and Bolts Meeting @ Research and Evaluation (Dr. Josafat)
  • ESL Parent Classes
  • School Registrations
  • SCPA Meeting @ 11:00 in room 104
  • ASES Think Tank meeting @ 1:00 pm (Moss Street) (Ms. Gracias)
  • Admin Meeting
  • School Site Council Meeting @ 3:30 pm (room 108)

Thursday, January 21st

  • AVID Professional Development @ Special Services (Mr. Johnson)
  • Computer Science Training @ Moss Street (Tina Tom)
  • Administrator's Meeting @ PDC (Ms. Gracias)
  • Sweetheart's Ball Nominations (Quad Area)
  • ELAC Meeting at 5:00 pm

Friday, January 22nd

  • Math Cohort @ PDC (Mr. Allard and Ms. Gracias)
  • Mr. Navarro @ CVM library (8:30 am)
  • Infinite Campus Master Schedule Training (Ms. Hollins, Dr. Josafat, Ms. Gracias)
  • Course-Alike PLCs
  • Club TC's New Year Bowl @ 3:00 pm

Saturday, January 23rd

  • Saturday Academy
  • Credit Recovery

Week Highlighted Through Pictures

Our Pre-Service

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Our Orchestra Students Perform at California Adventures

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Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 3:15-4:15pm

Room 301