Sydney Opera House


Sydney Opera House Facts

  • Sydney opera house is one of the words most well known live music venue.
  • It has been consided as the greatest architecture of 20th century.
  • Today the Sydney Opera House has become really popular in sydney because of its ground breaking arhcitecture.
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Sydney Opera House Facts

  • It took 16 years to build.
  • The Sydney Opera House was built in 1958.
  • The sydney opera house was built by JOHN UTSON.
  • The main hall can hold 2700 people

Sydney Opera House activities

There is a SydneyOpera House tour which goes behind the scenes.

You can also go and watch movies and plays and people performing music.

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Why You Should go here

If you want to be entertained then you should come here if you want to be entertained.

There are lots of fun games and activities for kids.

Human and weather impacts

If there is hail then you have to stay underground because you might get hurt.

And if there is a fire you should not stay underground, you should get out and drive away.

If there is a thunder storm you should get out because you might get electricuded.

How to save the Sydney Opera House

  • When you are going watch out for people because they might start a fire that will burn down the Sydney Opera House.
  • But if you do see someone then tell or call a police.
  • Don't break the equipment.
  • Don't dirty the floors and the chairs.