Chocolate World

By: Emily B


What starts with a C and ends with a W? Chocolate world! This information piece is about chocolate world. All you need to know about chocolate world is going to be in this piece.

How chocolate world became chocolate world?

First I am going to talk about how chocolate world was created and who created it. They created it because the people that lived in Pennsylvania really like chocolate. They also thought chocolate world would be a good vacation for people. They creators of chocolate world was the Hershey company. Now since chocolate world is so popular they are going to build one in California this summer.

The tour

The next thing that you need to know about chocolate world is the tour. The tour in chocolate world is awesome. You get to see all the chocolate that people have made. On the tour you get to make your own chocolate and you get to see all the chocolate that people have made. Then the last thing is they have stops to make your chocolate.

When is chocolate world open?

The next part you need to know about chocolate world when do they open and closed. They opened chocolate world in 1957. They are mostly open year round. There times that they are open is 9am-11pm

How do you make your chocolate?

Now you are going to hear about how you make your chocolate. Fist you have find a computer or a IPad in the stage one. Then you get to pick what your chocolate to taste like. Then you get to see it go though stage one.

Milton Hershey

Milton Hershey was the the fonder of chocolate world. Milton Hershey was lived on a farm. He started school at the age of 6 and he ended school after 4th grade. 2years later his mom wanted him to learn how to make chocolate. So then 2years after that he made a candy company a and he named it The Carmel Company. So then he worked there for about 5 or 6years. Then he sold. Then that is when he found chocolate world. He pasted away at the age 88