LV Technology

By: Cadence Rusch

Typing Wed

* I got a lot better at typing then when I was in fifth grade.
* Every time we come into class by typing for five minutes.
*I can tell that my typing is faster than last year.

Haiku Deck

*We had to think of are dream job.

*then we had to make a presentation about are dream job.

*We need ten slides for the project.


*We made a ITrailer about you.

*You used IMovie for the project.

*Then you present it to the class

Explain Everything

*We picked a question to do.

*Then we half to solve the question.

*then record our voice for it.

Career Locker

*we used a program called career locker

*We picked a dream job for it.

*We learned about are dream job.


*We had to pass the 7th level.

*We used for the project.

*Every day in the coding unit we did coding.