Kierrah's Flap Jacks 4U

I make pancakes in every shape & form!

Business Owner's Name: Kierrah Glover

Contact Information: 555-555-2222


Land= Eggs & Flour

Labor= Me mixing the ingredients together for the pancakes

Physical Capital= Pancake Mixer Machine

Human Capital= My associates degree in pancake making

Entrepreneur= Me, the creator & owner of Kierrah's Flap Jacks 4U

My business is a sole proprietorship because I am the sole owner of my business and I am entitled to all profits!

My Business Structure:

Besides the fact that I have unlimited personal liability, limited access to resources, and that my business lacks permanence beyond my life, I really do enjoy having a sole proprietorship. Mostly because my business was easy to start-up, I am the sole receiver of all profits, and I am not a subject to special business taxes, which is awsome!

If my business entered into a vertical merger, I would merge operations with a Butter Churning Factory.

If my business entered into a horozontal merger, I would merge operations with IHOP.