ACL and Meniscus Injury

My Journey Through My ACL and Meniscus Injury

Before Surgery and What Happened

Basketball, one of my favorite sports, so the camp I was going to be attending was going to be very fun, I was hoping. I was so excited for this camp. We arrived at the camp, and we got split into our little sections or groups. The instructor showed us our first ‘drill,’ which was these running jump stops, basically run a little bit and jump stop on a line. We went in rows, I was in the first row. My jump stops were going good, and I felt good. Then the last one came, I ran, jumped, and pop. It was the weirdest feeling in the world, I basically felt my knee cap swivel. I stood up the best I could, told someone I was hurt, and walked off the court. My mom was called, and after a while she finally came to me. She told me that it was nothing, and that it would feel better in the morning, man oh man was she wrong. We kinda let it go, and I just wore a brace. One day at school recess, about a week later, my knee was feeling better so I kinda ran over to a group of friends, and pop, it happened again. My dad came to pick me up, and he took me to the emergency room.

At the emergency room, they took X-rays, and told me it was because my knee cap wasn’t growing as fast as the rest of my legs. Well my dad didn’t believe that, and he called my ‘regular doctor.’ We got an appointment with her, and she told me that it was probably just some torn cartilage, and that I was lucky because my injury had nothing to do with my ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) or my Meniscus, which are both important ligaments in your knee. She put me in physical therapy, and let me go. Again, my dad didn’t think that was good enough, and he wanted to make sure. He made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. So we went to my doctor, and he scheduled me for an MRI. After my MRI, I went in to find my results. “Your ACL is completely torn, and your meniscus is shredded. We will have to schedule a surgery.” The words hit me like a rock, I wanted to cry. We scheduled my surgery, and when my doctor left, tears flowed, it was so hard for me to come to reality, I was having a major replacement surgery, and I was so nervous. I felt scared, I felt pain, and honestly I felt anger. I was so mad at my family for making me do the camp, and I was mad at myself. I thought it was my fault. There were lots of doctor appointments, lots of big machines, and lots of conversation that I didn’t understand for about 2 months.
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This is my mom and I in Disney World on my birthday. Thank you to my mom and aunt for pushing me around all day. This is probably one of my favorite pictures that we took.

Going to Disney

When my doctor told me that I had to have surgery, one of the first things that came to my mind was Disney World. We were going to Disney world in less than two months. My doctor told me that he recommends that I still go, so we went. In Disney my knee was still messed up, and it was very hard to walk all the parks with my knee the way it was. Well my mom and aunt insisted on a wheelchair, so we rented a wheelchair. I think it was worse for my mom and aunt, who had to push me around all day. I met a bunch of amazing people that were also in a wheelchair, and some of them had the same thing as me. One of the nice things about the wheelchair, was that we also got ahead in lines, so most times we didn’t have to wait as long for rides. Everyone was really nice, and helpful with me. Two days after we got back, I was going in for surgery.

Surgery and Recovery

December 26 came faster than I would have ever thought. 5:00 a.m. my mom came and woke me up. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30a.m. We arrived at the hospital, and my nerves kicked in. For it being only 5:30, I was extremely awake and kind of going crazy. I got back into my room, and a couple of nurses and an anesthesiologist came in. The anesthesiologist put my IV in. Then just a little bit later they took me back to the prep room, I was extremely nervous. They put lots of monitors and needles all over and around me, and then I was out. I remember being in the surgery room, and waking up with the nurses in my face asking if I was cold. When I was finally out of the recovery room, my family was waiting to see me. We got to go home, on my way home I was on my phone, and all my friends were saying really nice things to me, and I had a ton of support from everyone. When I got home I let some of my friends know, and probably within an hour, Claire, Tatum, Dennise, and Laura showed up with a giant Rice Crispy treat. Surprisingly that made me feel a bit better.

Those next 6 months were filled with therapy, doctor appointments, lots of visitors, lots of pain, and also lots of support from my friends and family. My therapists Cathy and Tracy made me feel better and stronger almost daily. To be on crutches, relying on one leg, is extremely exhausting. My therapists both played a huge role in my recovery. All of my friends and family were the best, everywhere I went I had people asking if I needed help. School was extremely hard at first, I was basically behind on almost everything, and I couldn’t even go for the whole day. My friends were always willing to help out, everyone was so helpful and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. People were as excited as I was for me to recover, and it made me feel so much better knowing that people were really supportive. I think that in all this injury was definitely hard, but showed how much people really cared for me.