Brooke Weng's String of Poems

Enjoy :)

Acrostic poem: 5 years old

Bright and cheerful

Riding my bike
Outstanding student
Only drank juice
Kangaroo stuffed animal
Even liked Telletubbies

Went swimming a lot during the summer
Everywhere I went I brought my stuffed bunny
Nothing bugged me more than my brother picking on me
Grandparents spoiled me

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The Little Rabbit

Once there was a rabbit
her name was Lilly-Ann
She lived in a little hole
she lived with her siblings and parents

She went out for a walk
in the cold winter air
when she ran into a friend
she just so happened to be a hair

They went to talk
by the lake
When out of know where
Lilly-Ann saw a snow flake

Lilly-Ann was shocked
she started to run back
when all of a sudden
she sees her brother jack

She runs over to him
and asks what he is doing
He said he is getting water
so his flower in the house will continue blooming

She says come on
the snow will block us out
He looks at his sister
and then he starts to pout

When they run back
to the house
they see their dad
eating a mouse

They all crawl in
the little hole
They turned on the fireplace
and throw in brown coal

Lilly-Ann's parents and siblings
eat some bread
Then they all crawled
up together and went to bed
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My Mom and I Went Shopping

My mom and I went shopping in the crowded Old Navy, she foot the bill because I didn't have any money with me
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Eledgy to my Grandfather Calvin

Oh Calvin, the night you
left us was frighting
We all miss you
but we manage
You were the most ideal
grandfather a girl could ask for
I know you fought to stay alive
it was just your time to go
Even though we miss you
we know your in a finer place
I will always have your memories you game me and nothing can take there place
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Life is Like a Castle

Life is like a castle.....
Filled with long hallways
Filled with secret doors
Filled with bedrooms
Long hallways keep us wondering
whats on the other end,
Bedrooms are filled
with great opportunities for you

The Beach

Big Puffy Clouds
in the beautiful big sky

Waves crashing in
the big glistening ocean

Salt Water in the
warm fresh air

Fresh Lemonade while watching
the sunset over the ocean

The warm Sun beating down
on my gorgeous tan skin
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Life is Like a Castle

Life is like a castle......
Filled with long hallways

Filled with secret doors

Filled with bedrooms

Long hallways keep us wondering
what is on the other end of life

Bedrooms are filled with
great opportunities for YOU
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Ode to: The First Time I Saw a Double Rainbow

I have seen so many rainbows
in my thirteen years of life
When I saw my first Double Rainbow
I was at a Jefferson football game

It was about 5:00 or 6:00 p.m
it had just stopped raining
I remember the feeling i got
when I layed eyes on it

Purple, Blue, and yellow were the colors
that stood out the most in both rainbows
I felt so much joy when
I layed eyes on the Double rainbow
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All about Science

I have the best science teacher,
Her name is Ms. Fletcher

20 Years From Now Poem

Big and gorgeous house

Rich and happy

Outstanding doctor

Over achiever

Karat gold ring
Evening parties

White and big wedding

Eager and loving family

Never ending laughter

Gracious and beautiful children