One for the Murphys

By: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

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One for the Murphys is a realistic fiction chapter book. Its setting takes place in Boston, where a young girl named Carley is in foster care after her step dad hurt her. Carley feels awkward at first with the Murphys, a family with three boys, the oldest close to her age. After a few weeks, it becomes clear that the two younger boys are trying to find a way into her heart. Carley soon makes friends in this new place. She starts finally feeling like she fits in when she gets news from her mom that's like an earthquake in her world.


One for the Murphys is a book with lots of amazing parts. One of my favorite parts was when Carley sees her mom again. Carley goes to the hospital where her mom is, and when she gets to see her mom again, she tells her about her life with the Murphys. Carley and her mom get into a fight. When she sees her mom again, her mom tells her she can go to live with the Murphys forever if she wants. Another of my favorite parts would be when Carley teaches Daniel how to play basketball. At first, Daniel doesn't want Carley to help him, but he soon gives in. There are definitly good parts in this book.


One for the Murphys has just enough lowlights as highlights. One of the parts I didn't like was when Carley ran away. She ran away becase she didn't think the Murphys liked her. Another part I didn't like was when Carley was so mad she stuffed rolls into the seat. I didn't like this because I thought it was an uneeded thing to do. There are some lowlights in this book that you can't forget about.

Favorite Characters

One for the Murphys has lots of good characters. A few of my favorites are Carley and Mrs. Murphy. I like Carley because she was funny, adventuris, and sweet. Carley displays theese traits in many points of the book. Mrs. Murphy I like because she is nice, caring, funny, and sometimes strict. She acts in theese ways many times in the book. The characters in One for the Murphys are ones to remember.

Why Someone Should Read One for the Murphys

There are many reasons to read One for the Murphys. I, for one, think I have very good reasons to tell you why to read it. First off, all the characters are completely different. Secondly, the book is a Truman Award nomine, And Third, One for the Murphys is full of humor, love, and sadness.