Earth day

Pedro Mondragon.

My animal was the wolly mammoth this animal is instinct by now it has the shape of an elephant but in brown.
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I think i had this animal because in the quiz maybe they were like 5 animals so the mammoth was the animal that was mostly likely to get this. I got this animal because I'm unique and you don't find a lot of people like me in this planet anymore.


Is the effects for our action in the ecosystem.

My ecological footprint shows how much stuff I need to survive. and i would need about 4 earths to support everyone on earth if they were like me.

I used more services, the second thing i use more was food the thing i used less was shelter.

One change I can do is stop using a lot of energy and less resources, so i don't have to get a lot of services.

The things i would change are I would stop eating a lot of food and be on a diet, another thing i would do is go run or be playing some sports so i don't have to be at home wasting

energy. and the last thing i would change is recycle so i don't have to waste a lot of stuff.