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45 Day Screenings

30 Day Requirement

Saturday, Sep. 21st, 8am

This is an online event.

Home Visits need to be done by today. If you are having any problems, you need to contact Bobbie ASAP.

30 Day Requirements Due

Thursday, Sep. 19th, 11:45pm

This is an online event.

Physicals must be in your hand by this day. Please be aware of what children have not met this requirement and notify me as soon as possible.

From Bobbie

The following will be due by October 4, 2013:

  • Participate Intakes
  • Child Information
  • Strengths and Needs
  • Family Partnerships
  • Advocate's Home Visits
  • In-Kind

Health and Safety Contact Sheet

Please ensure that all charts have the Health and Safety Contact Sheet placed in them. These should be found in Section #3 behind the Consent Agreement.

Sign In Log For Providers

This is to be utilized for children who are under the treatment of a provider. Michelle in Tazewell has separate folders made up for each provider and a sheet in place for each child who receives services. She gives this to the provider upon their arrival and then places the sheet in the chart when it is full and then begins a new one. I think this is a great idea and I would like to see it implemented in the other centers.

When the providers come, please have this paper or any other paperwork you may have for them ready. They are busy as well and this would be a great benefit to them.

Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards

Per Robin, it is okay to have a copy of the birth certificate and/or social security card in the child's file. You do not need to obtain a copy if it isn't present, but current copies are okay to keep.

Please notify the other staff members at your center so that they will be aware also.

45 Day Reminders

October 4, 2013

Behavior Screening

This are being completed by Tina White. I spoke to her on 9/10/13 and she was close to getting them completed. Please let her know if you need anything. I will continue to meet with her periodically throughout the year to ensure that we are doing our best to aid in behavioral plans.

Speech Screening

Screenings will begin on September 21, 2013 and will continue through the week until all have been completed.

If we get close to October 4 and you still haven't had any of your children screened, please notify Tami or myself as soon as possible.

Dental Screening

Please check your physicals to make sure that this is being completed. If not, encourage your parents to have this completed. This is a requirement, the same as the others.

Dr. Musick in the Richlands area sees pre-school age children and Dr. Lutz in the Tazewell area does as well. There is also a pediatric dentistry in Abingdon, but I'm not sure of that dentist's name. I'm not familiar with any located in the Bluefield region.

Hearing Screening

Again, check your physicals. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll review the form for clarification. The hearing machines are still centrally located in my office. I will still be using the sign out sheet for equipment.

Starting this year, I ask that you only keep the machines for 3-5 days and then return them. These must be shared among the advocates.

Vision Screening

Check your physicals! This machine also requires to be signed out and will be held to the same 3-5 days.

Special Circumstances


Some of our children are under the care of a specialist for conditions related to vision, hearing, etc. If that is the case, and you are aware, please have the parent/guardian provide us with some information of that provider. This can be used in place of their screening.

Allergies, Medication, and Special Diets

Any child that has any of these listed above need to have some type of documentation in the chart. Depending on the circumstance, either a note from the caregiver or from the physician.

For allergies, if it is NON LIFE THREATENING or NOT treated with medication, the parent is allowed to submit a note to us but it must contain the allergen, what symptoms the child displays when exposed, and what we to do if this occurs.

For allergies that are life threatening or treated with medication, the parent must provide paperwork from the physician and/or completed MAT form.

All and any medication must have a completed MAT form. For any child with over-the-counter medication, this includes ointments, sunscreens, etc., contact me for further instructions.

For NON MEDICALLY NECESSARY diets, these are choices, parents need to notify us of what those are and we will do our best to accommodate them. Remind the parents that we do try to provide a variety of food to enhance experience. If it is a child that does not like to drink milk, milk will always be offered first, then they may have water. Juice is to NEVER substitute for milk.

For medically necessary diets, utilize the Special Diet Form. The physician fills this out and we will make all appropriate accommodations per physician's order.

Please ensure that all staff, especially cooks, are aware of allergies and diets in your center.

I will specifically be looking for these beginning on September 23, 2013, they must be in the chart by then.