Lily is Ready & Willing to Work!

Help Lily attend the Big A Horse Show in July 2014!

Lily Loves Horses!

Hi! My name is Lily Floyd and I am 9 years old. I really really want to go to the Big A Horse Show next July, but it costs alot of money. I am working to raise money - and I am willing to work hard!

What Can I Do For You?

Please call on me for any of your needs....
  • watering flowers
  • getting your mail & newspaper when you are out of town
  • walking your dog
  • any yardwork or housework
  • helping organize your closets or garage
  • helping watch your children while you have other things in the house to do
  • any chores
  • teachers - I can help you prepare your classroom!
  • decorating your home for the holidays
  • and anything else that you can think of that a 9 year old can do!