What To Expect!

For mothers and fathers expecting a child. Savannah Green.

For Mom;

First Trimester:

Sore breasts, fatigue, frequent urination, nausea, mood swings, spotting, morning sickness, and loss of appetite are most likely going to be some major factors of your first trimester of pregancy. Your breasts will begin to englarge due to milk glands enlarging causing build up of fatty tissue as well as increasing blood supply. You may see little to no increase in the size of your stomach just yet. At 10 weeks at your visit to the doctore you may be able to hear the little heartbeat of your baby, by 11 weeks you may feel energetic yet constipated and may have gained a couple pounds.

Your baby during first trimester:

At first your baby is just an embryo with 2 layers of cells where all his or her body parts will later develope. Your baby is the size of a kidney bean and is costantly moving although you may not feel it too much. His/her heart beats very quickly and its little intestines will begin to form as well as eyelids, earlobes, mouth, and nose.

Second trimester:

By now your breasts will feel less tender and you may have no nausea at all. You're probably showing now and everyone is wanting to touch your round belly. You will have gained over 5 pounds now. You may have a stuffed nose, but don't worry you aren't sick its just an odd symptom that comes along in your 2nd trimester. You will reach 20 weeks! Half way there and 10 pounds gained at 20 weeks. Be sure to eat things with plenty of iron! At 27 weeks uncomfortable leg cramps will begin. Be sure to stretch your legs and wiggle your toes to stay loose!

Your baby during second trimester:

About 3 1/2 inches long, weighing in at 1 1/2 ounces! He/she now has finger prints. Its skeleton is beiginning to go from rubbery to hard bone and has the ability to hear you. Talk to your baby, read to your baby and even sing to your baby while music is playing. You will begin to feel its little feet stretching and kicking you at this time.

Third trimester:

Be prepared because you will gain another 11 pounds this trimester, your baby will be growing very fast! You will most likely be seeing your doctor every 2 weeks now and are likely to take a series of tests. At night you will be getting even more crawly sensations in your legs, so remember to stretch! By 35 weeks you will be seeing your doctor every week for abdominal checks, you will be feeling a lot of movement in there. When 41 weeks rolls around you are going to go into labor and finally meet your baby girl or boy!

Your baby during 3rd trimester:

Your baby will weigh 2 1/4 pounds at the beginning of this trimester. Your baby can blink its eyes and now has full lashes. His/her skin is smooth and beginning to form baby fat. Nails and hair have developed as well as brain neurons. Now your baby will just be gaining weight until its time to come out and meet you!

Advice for Dad!

You will just have to adapt to the environment of your lady. She is going to need you! She is going to crave the most random things, yell at you one second and cry in your arms the next, but everything is going to be okay! Always remember what is going to be waiting for you at the finish line of this 9 month race and you will be just fine!