Natural selection


Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants of their tail feathers or coverts spread out in a distinctive train. It is more than 60 percent of the bird’s body length and their colorful eyes are markings of blue, gold, and red. Females believed to choose their mates by the size, color, and etc only by their feathers are trained. Peacocks are ground-feeders that eat insects, plants, and small creatures. There are 2 types of peacocks one of them is the blue peacock that lives in India and also Sri Lanka. The green peacocks can be found in Java.

Natural selection factors


Peacocks is related on natural selection because it explains that different modes of the selection.Mechanism of natural selection doesn't get enough attention in basic biology courses. The peacocks are involved with the animal kingdom and for the females and males to work with each other we need more and more peacocks in the world so they wont come instinct.