My Leadership Roles

Areas of expertise I've added to my repertoire

My Top Three Roles

Since I have become an administrator, I have honed my instructional and managerial skills to be effective with students, teachers, and parents as well as being time-efficient.

Other Roles I Fulfill

Professional Development

I love presenting before my staff as well as at conferences both local and national. I also want to foster the PLC spirit during and beyond the school day, and want to encourage my teachers to become staff developers.

Testing Coordinator

I have coordinated TAKS, TELPAS, STAAR, PSAT and AP exams. I am organized and detail-oriented while also being visionary. I know and appreciate the amount of time and effort test coordination takes.

Technology Advocate

In today's world, we have to put technology in students' hands. Therefore, I am a proponent of BYOD and inspiring teachers to embrace technology integration. I personally host a district Twitter chat weekly and believe in presenting in a style that promotes technology.