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If your student checked out a Chromebook from the school, please click on the link below to fill out the Device Check-Out Form in its entirety.
Chromebook Checkout Form

Please fill this out if you are borrowing a Chromebook from the District.

Length of Remote Student Day by Grade Level

See the table below for recommended daily expected learning times (combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning) for remote learners. These suggested durations fall within a range of times recommended for elementary school students. They are based on best practices from the Center for Public Research and Leadership at Columbia University. A combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities should fall within these ranges, so if students are not engaging in learning for durations recommended below, it is important that families reach out to their teachers for further differentiation and discussions.
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Expectations for Families During Remote Learning

● All families engaging in remote learning are expected to adhere to our confidentiality agreement and not videotape, audio record and/or share recordings of teachers or students during mini-lessons and/or small group instruction with anyone.

● Students working from home are responsible (with family support) to make themselves available to join live whole group mini-lessons and/or their small group reading/math sessions for synchronous (real-time learning) at scheduled times (shared by teachers). We ask families to be flexible while these routines are worked out.

● Students working remotely are expected to engage in class practices and routines, such as being on time for sessions, dressing as though they are physically at school, and following class charters (that represent how they as members of a class want to feel when working with peers).

● Students working remotely are expected to engage in independent learning/practice asynchronously (during student selected times), and are responsible for completing and submitting assignments on time through Google classroom.

● Families are expected to support students learning remotely by helping them tune in at scheduled times and assisting them in reaching out for help when they don’t understand something until they can advocate for themselves. We ask families to be flexible while these routines are worked out.


Students who are learning remotely will be assessed virtually by either the classroom teacher, special education teacher, reading/math aide or para educator (to inform instruction for small group differentiated instruction).

Obligations of Parents and Families

Families continue to have a legal obligation to engage in public school education unless the children are receiving equivalent instruction elsewhere (such as through home-schooling or in non-public schools), as set forth in Montana Law.

Remote Learning Quick Facts:

  • Students must log-in and submit attendance by 9:15 AM. Remote attendance counts just as it would if students were attending school on campus.

  • It is expected that students will complete assignments and assessments during their remote experience in order to meet the requirement of hours of instruction as set forth by Montana Law.

  • Students will be held accountable for work during this time - content addressed as part of remote learning is applied to unit competencies.

  • There will be no printed packets this year. All assignments will be delivered via Google Classroom. Teachers will convert PDF's to editable documents so students can complete their work digitally and submit it via Google Classroom.

Google Sign In

You and your students can access Google Classroom via an iOS app "Google Classroom", OR by signing into Google and clicking on the Google Classroom icon in the top right corner of your screen.


Password: Pioneer123

Note: Grades 4-8 have created their own passwords. If passwords need to be reset, please email Mrs. S at

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Learning Management System

Google Classroom Tutorial for Students and Parents

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