Mobile Payment Systems

Help Give Businesses a Competitive Edge

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Sureswipe is one of the fastest growing mobile payment systems on the market right now. They are committed to providing you and your business with a simple mobile card machine system that helps by giving you and your business a competitive edge in today’s competitive market.

As a small, independent retailer you might be thinking that a mobile credit card processing system would be complicated to set up and costly to operate. Sureswipe understands where you’re coming from, and they’ve got your back. They know that you need a mobile payment system that is easy to operate, offers competitive rates, and provides you with superior service—and not by simply putting you through to an automated telephone voice either!

What makes Sureswipe’s card processing system so simple? That’s a great question! When a customer wants to make a purchase from you and you’re far away from your storefront or office, all you need is the mobile debit/credit card machine provided to you by Sureswipe, the Sureswipe Move App downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet, connect your card machine to your device via Bluetooth, and voila! You can accept payments for your business wherever you are.

Sureswipe operates the same as any other card machine, only it’s mobile and isn’t attached to a wall and it manages the rest for you. When a customer swipes their card for your product or service, the payment is immediately sent to your bank for processing, and will appear in your bank account in two banking days. You can also track all of your transactions through their online reporting system so you can keep on top of your cash flow.

You’re probably still saying in the back of your mind, “This sounds great, but what’s it going to cost me?” Here’s the unique part of what Sureswipe offers to you, their valued customer: A tailored cost for your card payment services to match your business’s turnover. What? Yes, you read that right! No overpriced flat fees that many businesses simply cannot afford; it’s designed just for you. What more could you ask for in a mobile card payment system?

It’s always nice to know what others are saying about a company before you sign on with them, and here’s what Donna Lynch, owner of Bella Donna Boutique in Johannesburg had to say about Sureswipe, “Sureswipe is a pleasure to deal with. Their staff are always friendly and polite, and they are willing to go out of their way to help. Their interest in small businesses is really encouraging and makes it easier for us when we can speak directly to people and not an automated voice like a lot of other providers. I am very happy with Sureswipe!”

You’ve most likely been considering a mobile card processing system for your small business, but have been wondering how it all works and if it’s even feasible for you. If you want to rise above your competition now, Sureswipe is definitely worth checking into. For more information, please visit: