John Pershing

By Emilee

John Pershing

Who was

John Pershing was a general for the United States of America. John Pershing helped the U.S government win the war against Spain. Spain was defeated in 1898. John Pershing was sent to many cavalry after that and before that too.

What did he do

John Pershing led U.S. army into World War 1 in 1919. John Pershing was honored

for top general of the year. John Pershing saved many many people in World War 1 and he was brave and loyal to his country and soldiers. John Pershing was asked to go back to west point and teach for a while before returning to war.

What was their impact on the world

John Pershing went to West Point. He also went to a school where you were trained to be a soldier or general.

John Pershing wanted to be the best general and he was he wanted to help his country and fight for it so he did. He was also in world war 1. He was a teacher after the war for a while until he was sent back to war.

Should we be more like them

I think we should be more like him because he saved many many lives in the war. He was a top general and he has his own grave to honor him. He won many medals also and that is why we should be more like him.

John Pershing