Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman Report By Carter Coup

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Problem and Solution

One problem in Night Of The Twisters is they could not find Mrs.Smiley. The solution to that problem was they went to find Smiley and they found her snoring and sleeping. Another problem in this story was Dan didn't have a house after the tornado. The solution to that was they lived with their grandparents farm until they had a new house.


In the beginning Dan had a red letter day because he won a $100 and a new bike, and fruit of the loom undewear that he gave to Arthur, because Arthur wears an adult small. Now that is a red letter day. Then there is a black letter day, a black letter day is the worst day of your life.

That night something terrible happened a tornado wrecked Dan's whole neighborhood. In that whole night 7 tornadoes touched down in Grand Island, Nebraska. Then they had to look for their mom because she was at Smiley's house helping her with sewing.

Arthur, Stacey, and Dan had to take a police car because all the buses had left. While they were driving there was a tornado that they saw that cracked their windows.

In the end of the book Arthur, Dan, and Stacey have to stay the night in jail because they didn't have a place to live that night. After that night everyone found their families and lived happily for ever.

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Some facts about Nebraska

The story takes place in Grand Island, Nebraska. Here are some facts about Nebraska, Nebraska's capitol is Lincoln. Nebraska is surrounded by South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. The state bird is the Western Meadowlark.