The Hunger Games

By: Suzanne Collins

Catch Phrase

A book that combines both action and a true love story into one. This book has 374 pages.


The Hunger Games is a extraordinary book that has many events and is a action packed adventure book. In the book Katniss's sister Prim Rose Everdeen gets chosen to compete in the hunger games, where children ages 12-18 fight to the death. But Katniss quickly takes her sisters place as volunteer to be a tribute. Now Katniss will do what ever it takes to stay alive. Katniss learns how to stay alive with help from her long lost friend Peeta and takes the hunger games by storm using sponsors and wining them over with Peeta and her fake love. Theirs no backing down now.

Point of View

The point of view is first person where Katniss is the narrator and tells it from her thoughts and point of view.
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Picture of Katniss volunteering

This is a picture of Katniss volunteering for her sister Prim Rose Everdeen. This picture is signifigant because, it is the one part that sets the whole setting for the story


The theme of the book is inequality between rich and poor. Because the capitol treats the 12 districts with very poor respect and and makes them work very very hard for very little food and pay. They also punish them very harshly if they don't follow the rules in that district.

Applying the theme to my life

I can apply the theme to my life by thinking of all the poor people we have in our world. For instance, maybe one of your friends doesn't have all the cool and expensive gadgets you have. So you start to treat them differently like your better than them and make them do the sloppy work. That is kind of like what the capitol does to the 12 districts. the capitol thinks their better than the 12 districts so they make sure that they live at a higher standard than them and the districts have to do all the sloppy work and live at a very low standard. This is how I can apply the theme to my life.