10. Klasse Deutsch

Nicht vergessen!

Freitag! - Friday

As promised my instructions for Friday's lesson. :)

1. You should complete the listening and reading sections of the attached Fit in Deutsch materials. You could, if you choose as a song group, elect to leave this for homework and work on the song, but I expect it done by Monday’s lesson.

2. The remainder of the lesson you are working on Song writing project. You should:

· Complete lyrics if not already done – you can try emailing me for checking, but I cannot guarantee I will be able to look! If you can, it would be great to email any lyrics I have not seen BEFORE Friday so I can go over them!

· Create/record music and singing – reminder that all must sing!

· Create CD cover art, including name of song and group name

You should aim to be done in this lesson if possible! I could offer another half lesson but that would be it!

Hausaufgaben und Vokabeln

  • Don't forget the HW for Monday - writing the oral imperatives and questions from Einheit 3.
  • Vocab set for 31 July quiz - Nebenjobs

Listening and Reading Assessment

A reminder that on Monday 18 August, there will be a reading and listening assessment based on the Fit in Deutsch format and vocabulary.