Marketing to Generation Z

Born 1994-present

Who is Generation Z?

  • Also known as the internet Generation or iGeneration this generation is the only generation that is born completely in the era of the internet.
    • we spend almost 2x more time watching TV or on the internet than the older generations
    • An article by Christine Birkner from The American Marketing Association states "In 2012, Time Inc. commissioned a study...The study showed that digital natives switched their attention between...TVs, magazines, tablets and smartphones...27 times per hour. 84% of Gen Z multitasks while watching TV with an average of 1.5 other Internet-connected devices such as laptops and cell phones...Seventy-one percent visit social networking sites, followed by 63% who are browsing the Web and 57% who are doing homework..."

    We make up 25.9% of the worlds population and contribute to $44 billion of the nations economy

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