Baby Steps toTechnology Integration

2015 CORE Academy Workshop

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Workshop Descripton

The Baby Steps to Technology Integration workshop provides a game plan for integrating technology into the classroom using familiar tactics and strategies. After participating in this workshop, participants will have a 5-Step Game Plan for implementing Blended and Flipped Classrooms. Additionally, they will have a Play Book of tried-and-true tech-tools for lessons, activities, and assessment using 21st Century teaching skills.

Flipped Portion of "Baby Steps to Technology Integration" Workshop

Assignment: 1) Create accounts (teacher - if asked to choose) for websites listed below. 2) Download the app from your app store to your device prior to CORE ACADEMY 2015. All Apps should be free. If they are not free don't download them.

  1. Edmodo (Website & App)
  2. Nearpod (Website & App)
  3. TedEd (Website & App)
  4. LearnZillion (Website)
  5. Khan Academy (Website)
  6. Quizlet (Website & App)
  7. Videolicious (Website & App)
  8. InstaGrok (Website & App)
  9. MakebeliefComix (Website)
  10. FunnyMovieMaker (Apple App)